Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is SciCommCamp being held at the American Jewish University?

SciCommCamp rents conference space at the American Jewish University’s Brandeis-Bardin Campus in the Santa Susana Mountains just outside of Los Angeles. The facility perfectly meets the needs of our camp-style retreat programming. Despite the facility’s religious affiliation, SciCommCamp offers secular programs open to everyone of any background.

Do you have a harassment policy?

We do! Find it here.

What is your refund policy?

Find a link to our refund policy in the website footer, or just click here.

What should I pack for camp?

Southern California in the autumn can range from very hot to downright chilly. Plan for warm days and cool evenings.

Closed-toed shoes are probably a good idea for our evening star party and campfire, but sandals are just fine during the day.

All your linens and towels are provided, but don’t forget your toiletries. (There are stores in town if you do forget something, though.)

What else? Musical instruments, board games, card games, and anything else that would make your stay at camp more comfortable.

You’ll be extremely well fed, but if you like having particular snacks available, feel free to bring it with you.

Do your offer scholarships for the SciCommCamp retreat?

We offer a limited number of scholarships to offset the cost of attendance for members of under-represented groups. Click here to apply!

Is there an option to register for SciCommCamp as a commuter? I don't need housing.

We highly encourage all participants – even locals – to take advantage of the community building that occurs when everyone stays over at camp. That’s part of the reason that SciCommCamp is held at a camp rather than a hotel. While we understand that some participants may need to leave camp, we don’t have a separate registration category for it.

I'm a working parent. Can I bring my kids to SciCommCamp?

You are more than welcome to bring your kids with you to camp. Children 2 years and under can attend with their parent(s) for free, while we can accommodate children 3 and over by charging a small fee to cover the cost of food and lodging.


We regret that we are unable to provide childcare services at this time, but we can accommodate a caregiver/babysitter at camp by charging a small fee to cover the cost of food and lodging. There are plenty of facilities to keep kids occupied, including sports fields and a playground.


Does SciCommCamp offer nursing facilities?

Unlike many traditional conference facilities, the lodging at SciCommCamp is just steps away from the program spaces, making it easy to get away for a few minutes to nurse. If that’s a consideration, please let us know when you register so we can make sure to assign you a room as close to the program facilities as possible and to arrange for a small refrigerator to be placed in your room. If you’d prefer some other arrangement, we can probably make that work too. Please get in touch to discuss specifics by using the contact form.

Do you offer discounts for employees of non-profit organizations?

At this time we’re unable to reduce participation fees any more than we already have. However, we invite any non-profit organization to consider becoming a sponsor of SciCommCamp. Several of our sponsorship packages include one or more guaranteed, comped spots at SciCommCamp. For more information about this opportunity, please get in touch using the contact form.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Feel free to get in touch using the contact form.