Workshop Presenter

Andrew Thaler is the founder and lead developer for Oceanography for Everyone, a program that develops low-cost, open-source tools for marine science and conservation, as well as citizen science. These tools facilitate community-driven responses to environmental concerns and fulfill key equipment needs in a funding limited era. He is also the Chief Ecologist of OpenROV, integrating underwater robots into research and education programs.

SciCommCamp 2017 Workshop:

Over the last ten years, the Maker movement and its approach to DIY science and tech has flourished. From Arduinos, to drones, to Raspberry Pis, to 3D printers, maker tech is increasingly being embedded into both science and science outreach projects. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to the foundation techs used by Makers, get a crash course in de-jargonizing the jargon heavy movement, and learn how these tools can aid science communications programs. Hands on workshops will include an introduction to coding with Arduino and environmental sensors and scanning a 3-dimensional object with a smartphone and creating a 3D printable model from it.