Workshop Presenter

Bethany Brookshire is an award-winning science communicator who has appeared in and created science content for video, radio and print. She is the Science Education Writer at Science News Magazine. She writes for Science News for Students, a digital magazine delivering the latest news in science to students ages 11 and up, where she writes the blog “Eureka! Lab.” She also writes the blog “Scicurious” for Science News and hosts Science for the People, a science podcast. Bethany has a PhD in Physiology, a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Biology.

SciCommCamp 2017 Workshop: Science Writing for Kids

With kid-centered science videos, podcasts, magazines, TV shows and websites, there’s more science communication opportunities for kids than ever before! And while our deathless prose might enchant the Ph.D. set, the average American reads about science at the fifth grade level. Kids and adults alike can grasp the most esoteric scientific concepts, as long as we don’t let jargon get in the way. How do we communicate science understandably and entertainingly, without dumbing it down? Bethany Brookshire will lead a hands-on workshop to help you communicate science for every life stage. Bring your writing samples and ideas!